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Customized Search Solutions

We differentiate ourselves by providing customized recruitment services. We take time to partner with your management team to develop a clear understanding of our client company including specific sector analysis, overall business and hiring strategies, and company values.

We will tailor an appropriate search solution and strategy to meet your specific needs. We are not locked into a particular approach or strategy.

We will work together to determine the best recruiting strategy and approach for your particular needs based on the priority, level, confidentiality, difficulty factors, scope, resource allocation required, candidate exclusivity desired etc. Search works best when there is a strong mutual commitment and understanding between us.

[pl_accordion name=”accordion”] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”1″ heading=”Comprehensive Approach” open=”no”] Our search process employs a consultative partnership approach with our client. We vertically integrate our research, recruiting and client facing teams for maximum collaboration. Once the search strategy has been agreed upon, we begin our process by conducting extensive research, list building and source development.

We utilize the most current sourcing and recruiting strategies and technologies combined with old school human intelligence to identify, recruit and sell your opportunity to a highly targeted group of qualified candidates and industry expert sources.

Our process to screen, qualify and compare candidates is a blend of structured interview techniques, competency and performance based Q&A and scorecarding. We effectively manage the interview process, expectations and interview logistics for candidates and clients.

We are prepared to assist in offer negotiations, gaining acceptance, drafting and formalizing agreements as requested by our clients.
Information that we provide, such as market overviews and compensation benchmarking, may be instrumental in steering search results and focusing on the most critical variables.
[/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”2″ heading=”Value Added”] We provide our clients with the highest caliber candidates available with a specific industry focus, functional expertise and cultural fit. Our objective is to guide both clients and candidates to a successful outcome. We provide “best in class” talent to our client company quickly, efficiently and complete our client project within agreed upon timelines.

Our research and recruiting team have achieved the most current certifications and employ a combination of old school and cutting edge sourcing and candidate identification techniques.

Our internal database is a real game changer, with >95,000 candidate profiles from the management ranks across the Financial Services space.

We seek out candidates that can demonstrate career progression, stability and a record of accomplishments that matches the client mandate and culture.

Because we are a smaller firm we have fewer “hands off” limitations than our larger competitors and can target a broader range of top talent.
[/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”3″ heading=”Diversity Recruiting”] In the current environment within the Financial, Banking and Consumer Lending sector there is a heightened focus by our Clients to attract, recruit and retain Diversity Candidates to their management and senior management teams. We are asked to keep a constant focus on identifying and recruiting qualified Diversity Candidates whenever possible and to broaden our reach to be as inclusive as possible.

To accomplish that goal, we specifically target Diversity Candidates in the following ways:

  • In our advertising by placing our ads on networking groups, websites, discussion boards etc to broaden the visibility of the Client Position being offered to Diversity Candidates.
  • By specifically placing a Diversity Inclusion message on our advertisements.
  • By specifically placing a Diversity Inclusion message on our Position Descriptions (sent to potential candidates and referral sources) reminding readers that we are encouraging Diversity Candidates to apply.
  • By asking our researchers to identify Diversity Candidate opportunities as they compile their data and to add those individuals identified to the potential candidates list.
  • By asking our recruiters to identify our Clients Open Positions as having an interest in attracting Diversity Candidates when speaking with Industry Sources.
  • By asking our recruiters to identify Client Positions as having an interest in attracting Diversity Candidates when speaking with potential candidates.

Our results since 2015:

>50% of our placements have been to Diversity Candidates

[/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”4″ heading=”Results”] How do you measure search firm results?

Our measurable metrics for the last 5 years include.

Our Average Time to Fill – 74 Days – The average amount of time from the day we begin a search assignment to the day the candidate accepts the offer

Our Completion Rate – 93% – The percentage of searches that we complete with a candidate placement. (Does not include searches cancelled by the client)

Our Diversity Placement Rate – The percentage of placements we make where the hired candidate is a Woman or Minority candidate:

Since 2015 >50% of our placements have been Women or Minorities

Our Retention Rate – 96% – The percentage of people that we placed that are still employed in good standing with the client after the first year.
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